First Attempt At Crafting Life

First Attempt At Crafting Life

I’ve recently become obsessed with learning about artist’s books and how to make them and was eager to get my hands dirty. Buying several book how-tos I was aware of my limits in the craft department. I’ve always been a Words and Imagery girl.

Yet I’m also an avid reader and when I learned in college that you can turn books into art I was full of excitement. The idea of turning what seems to be a dying breed into something fresh and creative floored me. So I started small, as small as possible.

It was not easy at all. Maybe I’m just slow when it comes to following directions, but I had started one and had to make another one because of technical issues (i.e., not being a natural seamstress), and what you see here took a good six hours when it probably should’ve taken two.

Either way, I’m through the moon at how it looks and that it’s somewhat functional. More to come, slow and steady.

NOTE: Going to be changing the layout/background of my blog soon and also going to have a separate blog for portfolio only.