My Patient Tree


I am in a constant state of waiting. Biding time, hoping for the best. Wishing things to change. Patience, it is a virtue that must have room to grow. Do I give it the time it needs to cultivate or do I pull it in the early stages? It depends, but it never should. Until the time is right waiting is what I do.

There isn’t always a way to know when the time is up for waiting, and when the loud, overbearing cousin Persistence stops by and accelerates Patience things can swing either favorably or against everything. There are days when Patience is overwhelmed by Frustration or completely destroyed by Anger. Then there are days where all other relatives of Emotion must sit and watch Patience shine. It’s very hard to hold onto this need to wait, especially when we are so inclined to take matters into our own hands.

Most people pray to close this gap, others meditate, a handful fill their hands with time killers such as books or handheld games, and the result is again, a matter of hope. Hoping that the outcome is what they desire and arrives in a timely manner. Hope can be easily dashed, and the vacant hole left behind can only be filled with Desperation…

Or Acceptance.

Acceptance is the well-behaved child. The one who does what their told and is then rewarded, not the other way around. It can be heartbreaking to know that Acceptance is nothing like you expected or wanted-maybe it’s even worse than you could’ve imagined. But what does shunning the end result do for you, me or anyone else? A rift as wide as a tree trunk forms, and Hate, the most venomous relative or Emotion, takes over.

In the short span of 8 months or so I’ve learned the importance of Patience and Acceptance, and have become more prepared for things yet to come both good and bad. Our capacities do have limits, and even as I grow older I still have mine. As long as we learn to Accept we can grow, and maybe a new and different tree can form.


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