Because I Can

Completed Vanderpoel Study

Studying a master of the human form, I imitate one of Vanderpoel’s drawings while in my own mind, finishing what he started. The original drawing is on the link below.

People will tell you that you can’t do things all the time, and I’ve heard this all of my life. Eventually one of two things will happen- you believe them to be true or you prove them wrong. As someone who aspires for great things and to do good I feel that my drawings are a reflection of that-trying to be perfect but ultimately falling short of the goal. Even so, each step brings change. Every mistake recognized is one less flaw.

For as long as I can I’d like to share my drawings and progression into that tried and true, respected area of art called realism and make it known that yes, I can do this. What about you? What have people told you you couldn’t do?



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