Rewind, a Poem by Bre

Days grow soft

Uneventful, repetitive


Then come the afterimages of my thoughts,



The cycle continues on.

The pain dulls, then throbs in a blink

Once again I am forced to think

To dwell, to retreat, into the recesses of joy

To this I say…A passing thing

Where the spark began and the neurons sing

I find myself pause in the middle of time.

Waiting to hear the words of Cloud 9.

Yet each morning I simply hit rewind………………….

………………….dniwer tih ylpmis I gninrom hcae teY

.9 duolC fo sdrow eht raeh ot gnitiaW

.emit fo elddim eht ni esuap flesym dnif I

gnis snoruen eht dna nageb kraps eht erehW

gniht gnissap A…yas I siht oT

yoj fo sessecer eht otni ,taerter to ,llewd oT

kniht ot decrof ma I niaga ecnO

knilb a ni sborht neht ,sllud niap ehT

.no seunitnoc elcyc ehT



,sthguoht ym fo egamiretfa eht emoc nehT


evititeper ,luftnevenU

tfos dna syaD

When will I wake up?


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