My Own PeNoWritMo and Happiness

Since I missed the actual NaNoWritMo, which was in November, I’m doing one for the month of January for my current writing projects. For those who don’t know, NaNoWritMo is the National Novel Writing Month which always takes place in November on their website (I’ll list it below). You have thirty days to crank out 50,000 words, which is considered a full length novel.

PeNoWritMo is my Personal Novel Writing Month. I’m not trying to trademark this idea, nor am I trying to make a competing website saying “See you don’t have to write a book in just November, but you can get twelve books out a year with MY system.” That’s just a little disclaimer of mine 🙂 I felt like the pressure of an actual collective group of people was a little too much for me, and it’s also a test of being accountable to one’s self. Granted, being accountable to others will definitely get the ball rolling and you will have more productivity, but it’s good to start solo and then branch out, at least for me.

This is also a factor in being happy with your writing progress. For Christmas I was given a book called the Writer’s Portable Therapist: 25 Sessions to a Creativity Cure, and it is a fabulous read. You’re on a recliner everyday (or night in my case), scribbling out your writing woes and frustrations and pinpointing the source of your struggle. I’ll be doing a full review on this book on my Goodreads page.

I have always been at my happiest when writing and drawing. Sometimes things that have nothing to do with writing such as relationships and financial problems can cause us to lose sight and interest in our passion. It becomes secondary to us, even when that’s the one thing that makes us truly happy. Determined happiness is the strongest kind of happiness you can achieve. It may come in different mediums for most people, but as a writer it’s the ultimate form of release. It’s finding the courage to write even when your heart is aching or your tired, or you just don’t think your good enough. 

PeNoWritMo has been my determined happiness, what’s yours?

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