Creative Cancer

I am a procrastinator.

Even as I write I’m constantly glancing over at my computer at a video of Tekken Tag 2. Things slip under my examination at every turn, personal or business, it matters not. Past loves go by the wayside as current duties grow in size. They become overwhelming, painful to deal with, disgusting to even talk about let alone discuss.

I ignore it, one could say. It’s apart of life. People go through spells and bouts of fatigue for passion, sick of trying to follow how-tos and quick over-the-desk remedies for lack of creativity. I knew once everything caught up with me I’d begin to lose sight of myself and my dreams. I was withering.

So I clean my room. The clutter of old, high school clothes and the chaos brought on by stress and work was one of the many tumors in my life. I stopped the flow and it shrunk down to size. Old clothes, shoes and books will now go to someone who wants and needs them for the Holidays.

There are still many more things to cut from my life, but it’s all about letting go and finding the source. If you can remove the things in your life that cause you grief in your creative life then slowly you will find healing. They may be benign, like TV or too much internet time. They may be malignant, like self-doubt or depression. It’s a matter of how badly you want your creativity back or even more so, how badly do you want to live your life to the fullest?


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